Commonalities Between Fundraising and Marketing

Many people have a stigma about fundraising, even when fundraising is for a good cause such as an athletic youth league. This is because they believe that fundraising is the same as selling.

It is true that successful fundraising does have a lot of things in common with selling and marketing. However, not all selling and marketing is unethical.

The reason why people have negative emotions about fundraising is that they associate it with sleazy salespeople and scammers. At the same time, these same people go to an Apple store to buy an iPhone and spend money on their favourite food, apparel and travel. There is a lot of marketing and selling involved in all these categories. It is just that when the marketing is good, people tend to not notice it.

Therefore, your goal when doing fundraising, is to have great marketing that people will not have negative feelings about. In good marketing, there are always three components and you need these same components when you organize fundraising projects for sports events for children. These components are market, message and media.

Your market is your donors. It is much easier to get a donation for something associated with sports and children from people that are passionate about sports and children. If someone doesn’t exercise, doesn’t have any kids, and is not interested in sports or helping children, getting them to donate money for your cause will be hard. This is why you want to first identify your best prospective donors.

One of the ways to do so is to look at the people who donated money to the cause in the past, and identify what they had in common. For example, you may notice that it was parents of kids at a certain school. The parents want other kids to succeed, too, which is why they donated the money. Having this information, you can start targeting other parents and ask them for donations.

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