Effective Fundraising for Youth Events: Give Clear Instructions

To become successful at fundraising, you need to study sales and marketing, and then apply it to fundraising for youth events. Here’s what you will often notice: no matter where you go, be it a restaurant or a store, you will notice assumptions about knowledge that in reality, people don’t have. There will be no signs for the check-out register or no information about how to order certain items. This leads to a lot of confusion and opportunities for confusion, which is the same issue that many non-profits and fundraisers have.

When you are asking someone for money, you want to explain to them what they need to do to actually give you money. What you will often notice is that many non-profits send out information that doesn’t have any clear instructions on what a person needs to do next. This is a big problem because confused people do nothing.

At the same time, most people do a really good job following instructions. They stop when the traffic light is red and start driving when it turns green. They fill out the forms when they need to do so. Most disappointments in fundraising come from giving confusing directions and explanations, or not giving any explanations at all.

When you put together a package that you send out, or an ad in which you are going to ask your donors and prospective donors for money, make sure that you include clear instructions about what they need to do to respond. Carefully examine your materials for a presumption of knowledge on the part of your donors. You may tell them to go to your website, but are you sure that they remember the name of the site? If you are telling them to call you, have you included the phone number? Did you mention the working hours, or are you assuming that people know when the office is open? To be successful in fundraising, you need to think through all these little details.

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