Fundraising and Social Media

The most successful and happiest fundraisers love what they do. You probably figured out that you needed to learn more about fundraising and sports events for children because you love what you do, too.

In the twenty-first century, conversations are occurring on social media. However, despite that fact that it is going on via computers and smartphones, people can still see, identify and relate to passion. This means that you can use social media for fundraising and be very effective at it just like many of the funds that support sports in England, such as Community Asset Fund or various corporate funds. For example, the National Lottery for Good Causes.

The key to success is to keep the conversation going all the time. If you only post something when you need money from people, in their mind they will start associating you with requests for money. They may even start viewing you as an annoying pest who only shows up when there’s a need for money. Instead, what you want to do is build a relationship. This means that if you are fundraising for an athletic youth league, you should be posting updates about the events in the league. Involve your donors in the process. Share the successes and challenges of your students. Entertain your donors and followers. Suggest to play live roulette, then, sometimes ask for money and support. A healthy relationship with your donors is just like any other relationship in that it should have various sides to it, not just asking for money.

Start by creating a dedicated Facebook page and start posting photos, announcements and reports from the sports events that you are organizing. The more you post, the more interesting your page will be, and the more organic traffic to the page you’ll get. Today you can even use Facebook to live stream video from your events. You can also record live streams to communicate with your audience. For short and quick updates, use Twitter.

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