Getting Excited About Ethical Fundraising For Youth Events

When you start doing fundraising for youth events, you will notice that some people still have a stigma about it. You may have also had certain elements in your upbringing telling you that asking someone for money is not the right thing to do. Often, people try to avoid talking about the subject of money just like they do with politics or religion. Some communities may still view those who break past these barriers as violators of personal privacy.

This happens because for some people, fundraising means trying to get money out of someone. If this is how you approach the subject of fundraising, you will have issues with it, even if you are directing it at really good causes such as sports events for children.

Instead, start looking at fundraising from a different perspective. Ethical fundraisers do much more than just get the money. Ethical fundraising is about finding the match between a good cause and donors that are passionate about the cause.

Today there are all kinds of non-profits competing for the money and attention of donors. When someone has money to donate, they do not have a problem giving their money away. They have a problem deciding who is going to get their donations. Typically, people donate to causes they are really passionate about.

Your job should be to find these people, build a relationship with them, and explain to them why they should be giving money to you. This is about much more than just asking someone for money. You need to explain what you will do with the funds and how the funds will benefit the lives of children.

The best fundraisers understand that asking for money is just a small part of a relationship, and is not a one-time hit-and-run event. That’s how you need to approach fundraising if you want to be successful at it.

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